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Bald Bombshell

Lawn Floral
I write without relent,
Lawn ashen, body bent,
Fawn bashful, words pawn.
I write without intent,
Politic truth, not respect.

Words choleric, forested,
Another blonde moribund;
Floral, me'er ornament,
Porcelain and floor clung;
Flies flying and food dung,
No chloroseptic rush.

Sitting alone, he claims,
Throne vacant, citrus grown,
Plain clothes, no Satan.
He makes popular statements,
Pandering blatant, but fun,
Worldview of a drunk taken.

Full of heart,
Dull as garbage, trumped,
Meandering serious,
Meaning wallet plump,
Friends gone, blunt,
Ledge found, jump.
December 20, 2017 9:55 am
26 lines, 84 words