Orouboros - Gord - Aspoet


2022-11-24 12:02 am
She cried too late, she surmises,
Where the water hits the sky she relates,
Relating further as the distance gains,
Relationships were never her game.

Decisions in haste are still decisions made,
Whether the bars bend makes no difference,
You still lived in a cage.

She is indivisible from a man, 
She decides in a rage,
This divides her, divided in half, her life changes.
Her children are the product of mistakes.

She cried too late, she surmises.
Famine, she decides. 
Pestilence, plague, flames,
Venom from the viper's fang,
Which she places upon the lambs that wail.

Take me away, she whispers to nobody there.
Take me away, she formally dresses, playing,
Addressing her former self, she was taken away,
Far from the pain that she feels everyday