Often - KilltheDistance - Aspoet


2021-03-02 05:40 pm
Often at times, I find myself at war with my own mind,
Unable to accept that that I'm unable to accept that I am but a speck of dust,
Wandering aimlessly,
Crashing into everything that I'd eventually grow to love,
Then wandering off in search of someone who would eventually break my heart into a million tiny pieces until I'd convince myself to just give up,
But our species,
For better or for worse have an unwavering ability to persevere,
So I tuck myself beneath this dirt seeking only solace from that which left me questioning everything,
Until one day I push past the debris and rubble, a stock with a shadow,
And with each and every passing day,
I feel the life and love growing and shaping me into a stronger version of the person I abandoned in the grave I call these sheets just the day prior,
For no pain will silence me,
No discomfort will ever extinguish that which sets my heart on fire.