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To even speak of baldness

Lawn Floral
Songs Synonyms, ideals integer,
Mining mindful, crawling chronic,
Words ironic, worries worthwhile.
Silent as the wind,
Tall as a child,
Lifestyle sans desire.
Flat as a minor,
Primer climber,
Reading wires,
Scans feel like fire,
Yet no ire legit,
Life so swift, time so brisk,
Irons tattered to bits,
Squire denied his patronage,
Choir so somber, violins singing,
As if to start from a beginning,
Would be a life so sad.

Lambs branded, wrath grand,
Laughing loud, farmer liar,
Stanza stance awful stands,
Awestruck by unknown view,
New news of him: old news,
Pandering Youtube, pandhandling,
Fools loose lipped and no tools.
December 22, 2017 1:43 pm
25 lines, 102 words