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Shaving Bald Gorilla

Lawn Floral
Poems raging, lacking pace.
Rhyme displaced, slave poetic,
Mimes a mate; Ascetic eighth.

He contemplates,
Turmoil ashen like a lake,
Dry, passion like a brace,
Ally, fraction of a base,
Like traction in a maze,

Falls on his face,
Spoiled rotten like a cake,
Miser, action of a fetes,
Wiser, lies of his teeth,
Master of feelings, queens,
Preachers and lease themes.

The forums elated,
Rhyme chorus to cup,
Slated liars,
Foreword comments,
Style stolen from bucks.

Foreign orphans portioned a trench,
Sowing poems owned forming trends,
Lies chorus, verse honest, 
Hurt's doughnut and curse harmless.
December 22, 2017 8:16 am
28 lines, 97 words