Healthy Affliction - Blake Garner - Aspoet

Blake Garner

2020-09-12 06:42 pm
You would not believe your eyes
If you seen all the dark thoughts,
I keep at tide inside my head
If only that was true,
I can no longer control
these racing thought,
I'm a danger to myself
I've succumb to pain,
I've felt numb for too long
I inflict pain to just feel something, 
Thoughts constantly racing
Never a chance to think straight,
I've found a healthy affliction 
In the pain I inflict upon myself,
I can feel it now
Like cardiac arrest,
The slip of the chair
The tension around my neck,
Ill try my best,
The pull of the blade
Against my wrist,
I've been trying my best
How much do I invest,
Before its all over
No longer numb,
My Demons
They catch me when I slip,
Motor control loss
Mindless acts,
Just a permanent solution 
To a temporary feeling,
Exactly how long is temporary
All i want is for this living nightmare to be over,
These demons consuming me alive
Fighting is no longer a solution,
Don't stop me now
I know now noone would shed a tear,
Noone would shutter a sound
To stop me,
Forget yesterday
I dont wanna see tomorrow,
Remember when you told me
That I was better off dead,
I knew it from the start
I was never any good to anyone,
You can believe it
When im not here tomorrow,
Today I find something great
Today I find a Healthy Affliction. 




September 14, 2020 1:14 am

I’m not entirely sure that this affliction is healthy. And such a dark topic poem. I like it though.