If You Really Saw Me - Innasense - Aspoet


2020-10-13 04:48 pm
If you Really Saw Me

What would you do if I told you all my secrets? 
The ones pulled from deepest trenches, darkest corners.
Scraped them like the drippings of my innermost self 
Onto your proverbial plate

Would you push them all back? 
Demand a reverse regurgitation  
Of all that was ugly in me
And pretend you never saw 

Would you sift through my soul?
Stir a fork through all that is me, 
Looking for the parts you can use, 
Discarding the rest 

Would you shatter the plate against the wall?
Shards of me on display for all to see, 
Lay me bare in front of the eyes of the world 
And laugh at the tears streaming red down my face 

Or would you love me just the same?
As my inner enigma bleeds over the porcelain edges
As you see all the sides unseen 
Would you smile at my uncloseted skeletons? 
Would you hold my empty vessel self 
and fill me with the light, 
the love, 
my soul needs?

What would you do if I told you all my secrets?