Did I Already Smoke? - The Sophist - Aspoet

The Sophist

2018-09-28 07:10 pm
Unfocused (not soulless or goalless). I smoke spliffs to get my mind off this list of frustrations. Intimidated by outrageous race racing, flaming faggots nigger-bait while still claiming that they win (but the win's painful). The wind is still unstable.

My win is a long table with nothing on it surrounded by fables. "Nothing comes from nothing, Son," 'cept Miracles and Bagels, two billion silent men in four billion different conversations, but know thyself and when you're asked just say that you know nothing. 

Winter's gone and spring is here
The hummingbirds are humming 
I think I'll make a song today, Son 
I'm feeling something

I'm feeling something.