Living With Uncertainty - Igor Goldkind - Aspoet

Igor Goldkind

2021-02-12 12:44 am

What if we thought of this uncertainty
as Jews consider our Sabbath—

As a sacred space in time?
Stop traveling.
Stop buying and selling.
Stop working.
Give up trying to make the world better than it is.

Instead, sing. Dance. Pray.
Write songs and recite poetry.
Paint the pictures from your eyes.
Walk amongst the leaves and the stars.
Touch only those to whom you have committed your life.

Sit down.
And when your mind and body have become still,
Reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected in ways that are both terrifying and beautiful.
No one can deny that now.

Do not reach out with your hands.
Reach out with your heart.
Reach out with your words.
Reach out with all the curled tendrils
Of compassion that connect us invisibly,

To where we cannot touch each other.