Phallic Symbols - Gord - Aspoet


2022-05-25 10:45 am
Amounts, they screamed, amounts,
Seemingly all they knows about.
Amounts, a mouth, beatings.
Even just, if by the brow,
Cow steps on the mouse,
Like a man steps on a mount.

Echoes, couch downstairs,
This is my house, GET OUT!
Narrowing in the mind, cowers
Like an arrows path forward,
Like time, straight, downward.

Dance, doubt, awkward bow,
Applause amounts, doubt,
Can a mouse hear the sound?
Leers, liquors, in various amounts.
In the end, a mouse needs cheese.
A cow needs many more things,
Succumbs to meandering about the fence,
Outside of this, they find no peaceful crowd.

People of the ground, fearing clouds, fearing now,
Cowards that fear when you speak and shout,
Cows teaching which they know nothing about,
Why should a mouse throw spears at the clouds?
Zeus and Venus,
Why would they fear if I step on a mound, kneel,
Bow or two step around it?
Are they cowards like me?