Don’t Let Me Down - Monet - Aspoet


2021-07-27 02:50 pm
“Don’t let me down”, now that’s a foolish way of thinking 
Response of confirmation, actions not in agreement 
Not very much Redeeming 
Like Pandora’s box you’re seeming

Like bullets to the chest, I’m barely breathing
Confused and in distress, was I deceived? and
Was I deceiving?

Were you mistaken by my distance and a lack of trust was formed

Or was my token of your trust misplaced in your corrupted life form?

Are you a demon?

But you weren’t demeaning.

You boost me up, 
Above the ceiling was my love

Like, not love, allow me to clarify
Was different, real connection
But anything more than that I inform you, I deny

And now I cry

Mine, your were not but all of you was with me
Or maybe me with you, that’s where I get confused
Mistaken thinking

Time, as more comes, you will fade
At least that what my research say
But I swear to god, my image of you gets imprinted on me more and more as I survive the day

Leave me alone
I don’t want you here to stay

Memories in my bone 
Fractured when I lay 

Fractured when I wake

Fractured me in my waist

Oh what a waste

A waste of my fight when all I care to take is flight
All I care is me and you changed that habit
Is that what lies are like?
Is the purpose damage?

If so you succeed because I’m more than done
I’ve lost my sun
Although it’s reflection on the moon is a pretty replica
You set me up
Trojan horse 
You lift me up
And when things got good you sat me down
Let me frown
Although I hide, that feelings sound
That feelings loud
Those thoughts clear 
These eyes hold tears
Those drops aren’t mild
Neither were my fears

So clear Ill steer for now
Others won’t be allowed
My voice won’t speak aloud
Not truth nor words of deep
Only traps for the weak, ones I couldn’t put out
They were from your slope
Your dope became my cloud
I guess it’s, both, hello and goodbye for now.

If only I knew before, how much you’d let me down.