Secrets - Blake Garner - Aspoet

Blake Garner

2020-09-15 10:47 am
No secrets
You keep me speechless,
I can not lie
I hate that I love you,
If you knew the damage
Would you love me correctly,
The hell you put me through
I no longer want to be on the ride,
You knew I from the start
That I fall hard and fast,
I try to feel ok
While you play with my emotions, 
There's no need to explain
If you think what your doing is ok,
I can try to get up and feel ok again
But I'm just domino in your game,
Does this make you feel better
Being on top in this one sided love,
I wake up in terror
To ask myself what am I doing here,
Why do I let myself endure
The torture of your love,
I can not lie
I love you,
No more holding inside
This dirty little secret I keep,
I'm tired of the mistreatment 
I'm tired of the avoidance, 
You say I hurt you
From a drunken fight,
Its time to bring to light
Your drunken words,
When we met you knew
I was unwell,
One night amongst your drunken lips
You spoke to me a terrible fate,
It haunts me in my thoughts
The DJ to my demons party,
You spoke love sober
Yet you spoke death drunk,
Your tinder lips slipped
I wish you would've died,
You hated me for what I did
You hated the fact I was broken,
I set it aside for the sheer fact
That I love you truly,
However you still to this day
Blame my mental instability, 
I try so hard every day
I fight for my next breath.




September 17, 2020 12:35 am

Lots of pain here, well voiced.