M.I.A - Hazey - Aspoet


2018-08-14 03:50 am
The thing that hurts the most.
You calmed my storms.
You helped make sense of the chaos.
You plucked me from brokenness.
Helped me find strength.

I don't know what it was.
But just looking in your eyes.
Filled my soul with peace.
I miss it.
I miss the quiet.
The calm.
I miss us.

I'm starting to feel broken again.
Empty inside.
Trying my best.
Not to let anyone see.

But there are days.
Where control escapes me.
Do you think of me?
As often as I think of you?
Do you remember my name?
What it once meant to you?

I look back on that day. March 10th.
Where I lost you.
Where every image I had of you.
Just shattered.
You were no longer a refuge.
You became a source of pain.
You still are to this day.

I blame myself for it.
For my losing you.
It's been three months. 
Realizing it's true.
I don't cry as much. Though my heart still does ache.
Try as I might; I can't bring myself to hate;
You. The situation. Us.

I want to throw it under the proverbial bus.
I can't. Because the sky still reminds me of you. It was our destiny. Our sky. The world was going to be ours. 
Accept it. It's over now. These dreams just won't come true. I need to accept that what we are. Is through.