Influences in my Life - Dusti Rodes - Aspoet

Dusti Rodes

2014-03-04 12:00 am
Influences in my life

 The father of the modern computer,
 Clive Sinclair;
 Bill Gates, for giving us software.
 Edward de Bono's
 Lateral thinking.
 Metaphysical poets,
 The Beatles, of course;
 John Lennon in particular.
 The woman at the bus stop;
 The North American Indian culture.
 David Carradine, for Kung Fu;
 John Keating for the Dead Poets Society,
 Melanie Safkta, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,
 John Denver, for just being themselves.
 Zen Buddism, Taoism, Confucius;
 Plato, Socrates, Kipling;
 Schizophrenia, for never leaving me on my own;
 And a cast of thousands,
 That have caused me
 To write it all down.

 Dusti Rodes (2009)