Yin And Yang - Santiago Mounier - Aspoet

Santiago Mounier

2016-10-14 12:00 am
Yin And Yang

Thereís a fundamental truth
Inside each of us
A principle of life
Borne in all of us
Some may call it light
Some may call it dark
Whatever the case
Itís in all of us

May come across as negative
May come across as positive
However it arrives
Itís all relative
It may appear as cold
It may appear as hot
However it appears
This thing we all got

Sometimes it is active
Sometimes it is passive
When it does show up
Sometimes it is massive
It may come on cold 
It may come on hot
It may come a little bit
I may come a lot

Sometimes it comes wet
Sometimes it comes dry
Donít bother to ask
No one can answer why
Some say itís feminine
Some say itís masculine
Some call it a fraud
Others call it genuine

Itís an interaction
It has a certain balance
No matter how you juggle it
It is in our consciousness
May influence behavior
May influence our fate
Right from the very start
Right from the starting gate

These forces are in people
Theyíre found in nature too
Donít be so surprised
Theyíre in me and you
Their names are Yin and Yang
Theyíre inside all of us
A fundamental truth
Borne in each of us

By Zitro Semaj