Seer Beware, Youre in for a scare - Gord - Aspoet


2022-12-09 03:01 am
In his future he sees tired coughing,
The seer mundane usually finds nothing,
Only peering back upon seared meat,
Apparently to be, or feel something.

In his mind, he wishes to be someone,
See his sums upped, feel unusual.
He is detached, however, like Buddha,
But he has an even broader usage.

Once again he peers into the ether,
He sees himself equal and decent,
Sears at the breathing creature,
Fears his lack of freedom.
"Coward", he screams,
"Coward", he casts his disease.
Pulls from inside himself, meaning.

He sees his reflection again in the mirror, 
Breathing heavily into the air, at first,
But eventually he cried with realization.