To be left adrift. - Ell - Aspoet


2021-03-14 06:42 pm
I feel like an empty vessel cast away
The only thing that hits my hull is the slap of a choppy wave
I have no crew on board they all found the challenge to much
The cargo I have is overflowing from deep within my hull
The milk has soured & the whey of the milk is all I am able to smell
I once was loved in such a way, the strength of it filled me up
I know it is hard to see not that I am old & withered up
The way she pulled me towards her, like there was always a rope connecting us
The feeling this gave to me is far too much to describe 
I know that is is hard to see now that my ropes have frayed away
The sails are saggy, no wind will fill them up
My rudder seems to be broken, around in circles is the only way it goes 
I fill with dizziness, that is all too much & reminds me of the day the love went away
I know I will never dare love again, this old hull can not handle it all again 
So I will keep going in circles seeing the same thing 
There is no joy, no crew to fix me up.
The old milk, in the old vessel has been left on its own
The stench will never leave.