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Thin on the top

Lawn Floral
Letters written of nonsense,
Inner conflicts, profits,
Constantine of outfits,
Proud of their holes.
Opposite, of continents,
Sinkholes, swallowing,
Mere weathering problems,
All they do is disclose.

Imagine a world insolvent,
Overpopulated and cold,
Where fistfuls of dollars,
Are better off.
Plastic like the ocean,
Poetic hopeful, Scotland.
Politically motivated,
Heart emplaced.
However honest, lies of fate,
One defends an idea flagrant,
Upon a hill of nothing sacred,
Fairness being the continent.

Unless one wishes a life content,
In a country of many ferrets.
January 31, 2018 6:56 am
24 lines, 84 words

Widows Peaks

Lawn Floral
He dreams of winter,
tireless, listless,
Forming fists, linger,
Five fingers for taking,
Making and mocking,
Flying at the equinox;
Checks to greet,
A future cost.

Apart from his words,
He talks opposite,
Of walks in the park,
And poor pessimism.
Perhaps one day,
Forgotten is passion,
Castles of young love,
Tall as his bastion.
He tells you of virtues,
Rarely living attache,
Stacking stones,
Flashing cards flourished,
Floor patterned, 
Poorly planned,
Colored randomly.
January 23, 2018 10:53 am
25 lines, 75 words

A short poem about follicles

Lawn Floral
Calculated lies of mitigation,
Circumventing a sky, of no direction,
Stars without conviction, shy to glow.
Mine to hold, like guy insecure,
They lie themselves, of times of old.
 Of Starlight swung across the shores,
However permanent their sky azure.
Like fire burns, administered thrones,
A King burns, as his kingdom below.
Too hot to be stolen, too hot to hold,
Yet hands like cold, death incarnate.
Lies foretold of fellowship honest,
History written of crying sole.
January 9, 2018 7:37 am
13 lines, 77 words

Amateur Hairline

Lawn Floral
Amateur poet, ultimate,
Heroic, stoic, slowest,
Everything rhymed about,
Hopeful of inchoate.
Chum of the lake, think,
Who is the wake for?
Dead men living pale,
or those living, 
Mouth agape, ailing,
Flailing their limbs,
Scene akimbo,
Fare unanswered,
Meter fake.

So they take what is mine,
Question pondered,
What is life plastered?
Humanity mastered,
Time honored,
or is it a last laugh,
before dying afterward?

Poets lie yet find alms,
Measured footsteps bald,
Words lifelessly clever,
Heart hard to hold palm;
Old arms to old arms,
Adages stolen loved upon;

Bard holy, arch golden,
To carve lonely,
Barns beholden,
Nothing nobel.
Par normally, like poultry,
To starve colts.

Ark art, Swan gone,
Dark garb, lark fawned,
Opposite of his mind,
He finds laughter,
Chapter after chatter,
Chancellor gone;
He defines pattern,
An afterthought.
December 27, 2017 10:00 am
44 lines, 134 words

To even speak of baldness

Lawn Floral
Songs Synonyms, ideals integer,
Mining mindful, crawling chronic,
Words ironic, worries worthwhile.
Silent as the wind,
Tall as a child,
Lifestyle sans desire.
Flat as a minor,
Primer climber,
Reading wires,
Scans feel like fire,
Yet no ire legit,
Life so swift, time so brisk,
Irons tattered to bits,
Squire denied his patronage,
Choir so somber, violins singing,
As if to start from a beginning,
Would be a life so sad.

Lambs branded, wrath grand,
Laughing loud, farmer liar,
Stanza stance awful stands,
Awestruck by unknown view,
New news of him: old news,
Pandering Youtube, pandhandling,
Fools loose lipped and no tools.
December 22, 2017 1:43 pm
25 lines, 102 words

Shaving Bald Gorilla

Lawn Floral
Poems raging, lacking pace.
Rhyme displaced, slave poetic,
Mimes a mate; Ascetic eighth.

He contemplates,
Turmoil ashen like a lake,
Dry, passion like a brace,
Ally, fraction of a base,
Like traction in a maze,

Falls on his face,
Spoiled rotten like a cake,
Miser, action of a fetes,
Wiser, lies of his teeth,
Master of feelings, queens,
Preachers and lease themes.

The forums elated,
Rhyme chorus to cup,
Slated liars,
Foreword comments,
Style stolen from bucks.

Foreign orphans portioned a trench,
Sowing poems owned forming trends,
Lies chorus, verse honest, 
Hurt's doughnut and curse harmless.
December 22, 2017 8:16 am
28 lines, 97 words

Bald Bombshell

Lawn Floral
I write without relent,
Lawn ashen, body bent,
Fawn bashful, words pawn.
I write without intent,
Politic truth, not respect.

Words choleric, forested,
Another blonde moribund;
Floral, me'er ornament,
Porcelain and floor clung;
Flies flying and food dung,
No chloroseptic rush.

Sitting alone, he claims,
Throne vacant, citrus grown,
Plain clothes, no Satan.
He makes popular statements,
Pandering blatant, but fun,
Worldview of a drunk taken.

Full of heart,
Dull as garbage, trumped,
Meandering serious,
Meaning wallet plump,
Friends gone, blunt,
Ledge found, jump.
December 20, 2017 9:55 am
26 lines, 84 words