2021-02-08 01:19 am
quite literally
they cannot spill out of my mouth into the toilet bowl fast enough

green, neophyte, insensate

swirling around in the clear, shallow water, they almost look like they are swimming

ancient, ferric, turpentine

its midnight on sunday afternoon and the morning never felt so far away

verily, salt, halcyon

pulling the lever, they swirl away, the letters sloshing together into a murky soup

gestalt, vermilion, fear

they turn into equations with no solutions when i bring my hand away from my mouth, wiping

ouroboros, nineteen, baseless

i know better than to brush my teeth

golden, gale, corridor

i know better than to go back to bed right after

demilune, murmur, mirror

linoleum, throat, nightgown

listless, lucid, dreamer




2021-01-13 05:29 pm
holding the box between two fingers so it does not fall
the hand is not pandora’s; she has been dead for centuries
inside the lid, an amateur’s attempt at a cumulonimbus
the sky behind them greener than the clouds before a tornado
the clouds themselves whiter than the dust after
what will become of the box?
will it house bangles and bracelets and small forgotten memories?
will the hinges rust and the sky become separated from the ground?
will it ever find its way home?