2022-06-10 05:31 pm
espresso bean in the espresso machine
located here in the mezzanine
we serve your drinks with sweetness and cream
a fountain of everlasting caffeine.

espresso bean in the espresso machine
and not just coffee, we
also serve cuisine!
the chocolate brownie is a hit with the teens
huddled together near the register screen.

espresso bean in the espresso machine
here the noise is quite serene
amidst those coming and going, a calm in-between
come on over! help set the scene!

espresso bean in the espresso machine
week after month, to form a routine
yet the tasks of today remain unseen
‘tis the life of those on the library team.




2021-04-01 11:42 pm
sycophantic silhouette
stalks into the room and
the woman who casts it brings death, immortal doom
she bids disguise fall when the man sees her through
never a dame, but bluegreenbrown eyes, same as you

you, who lives their life by ritual, routine
will never see the cold, red blood or the glistening sheen of
sweat on the brow of a new, soft corpse
or the embers of the flame that drive you north
your cadence keeps you pliant, your rhyme bids you no further!
what drove you to this, to poetry, to murder?

as the blade bids adieu through the back of his skull
and the red of his head grows increasingly dull
and the light bleeds out of the sword in his eye
‘any woman can see him orgasm, but how many see him die?’