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A Short Poem about Love

Enamored, von con amore,
Ore d'amore, et mortem.
To lark poetic, of home,
Until my heart explodes.
September 19, 2018 8:16 am
4 lines, 17 words

Elephanto Qui Vitam

As poet, aspire, assume desire,
I wrote for poets, declining,
Prose for poetry, I grew designer.
More spoke, iron, strewn aside,
Cycle heroic for biking true,
Though as porch, her mire I knew.

To sit in snow, still forever, cold,
Gladly to mix into a sill window home.
Lover's letter, one pens from notes,
To end on soles, or in bags of herion,
And never spoken, lovely, but phoned in,
In drunken speech, early in the morning.
As men, we aspire, and assume desires,
I wrote for Odin, always refining,
Notes for nobody, I grew aside,
Man of the world, I knew her ire.
September 19, 2018 6:50 am
17 lines, 104 words

To meet again

She won't relent,
Heart of paper, stone read.
Western hero, composing feelings,
Zeal formulaic, deceit ceaseless.

Eastern, kind words repentant,
Unlikely to spend life waiting,
Ferment, offense, to be condemned.
If one only dances, not for scent,
Lance just for chests, 
Language, port for gents.
Madame, another supplement,
For what drunken mess is other,
Than more time misspent?
To see the end, would we prevent?
Could we?
All I see is a girl, a vent,
Policy diverse, absurd, dissent.
September 18, 2018 7:29 am
19 lines, 80 words

Johnny Bravissimo

Solemn acoustic, play yourself,
Silent, foolish, I wait for death,
My chord arrest, My Lord attest.

Holland music, half my breath,
Tax my address for half my wealth,
Alas my protest, perhaps my stress,
In direct response, my indirect.

The woman scoffs at his giving gifts,
Living gifted is not an ornate box;
Richly leveraged when you need a lift,
More alike to a light that is simply off.

She says, take me out, tonight,
Whereto the people are young,
Bodies are loose, fabric tight.
He says, mistakes and lies,
Too young to accrue true views,
He mocks and chides.
September 12, 2018 9:04 am
20 lines, 100 words

Crib Notes for Babies

Pour courvoisier, coke, smoke weed.
For core voices toking loke green:
Cork d’or choice, spoke woke meaning,
Joke broke gleaming,
Boast goat dreaming,
Invoke oak healing,
Poke coded readings, or cook mud.
Saying I wouldn’t eat if off the bud,
Gimme a fucking break, dawg you would.
So form apostrophes, hoax followers,
Dominate dossiers bespoke by leads.
Chorus needy, broadway job, police:
Honest lobbyist leaps, not,
Calling policy preacher law,
Homely Claudius fears god,
Homer justice, and beating his chest raw.
Former lover, for I see you as bourgeois,
Fleecing people of their heart and minds,
Champion blind, one eye is all but lost, 
Camping, body weak of fighting for causes,
In causeways, his cautious mind pines,
Cheesing through life, eating off rind,
Leave, dodge, dive,
Breed, scoff, lie,
Edict goes like:
What is life? Four courses, hope, feeling?
Of course there’s more, but more redeeming?
He simply says: I’ve not found thy.
September 11, 2018 1:30 pm
28 lines, 157 words

Comical Wind

They write light of my writing,
Erudite Facebook, liars' rights,
Poetically I am but humble,
Penning comedies of tribe.

Unlike, Unlike, Unlike,
Unlike my peers, I replied.
Despite fears and sighs,
My stride upright, austere.

Alas, long grass, an axe,
Tomorrow fills, fellow actors,
Craft jazzy, played by amateurs,
Demanding average.
Eyes glassy and skills assay,
Alas, follow mass, a bass,
Screaming of typeface, in your face.
September 5, 2018 6:07 am
17 lines, 67 words

Books of Ash

I have a shelf of books, all ashes.
My most disastrous,
Poetically immaculate.
Writing of real life intangibles,
Kissing a boy by the shore, 
While the crowd screams more.
That's the 21st century, man,
Progress a little beyond books of ash,
Paper plates and cheques for cash,
Beyond are spaceship parts beneath trash.

If Etan must, they probably may have done,
So if May is upon, another spring comes,
Against a flower one cannot lean butt,
Especially with the shadow cast cut across.

Don't show up at the poetry contest,
Rhetoric political, ignorant, floral, passe,
Or expect they place you last, lame, fake.
August 29, 2018 12:46 pm
19 lines, 103 words

Hop, sin and a jump

My belly white, tattoo skin black.
World external floating my inlet facts.
Arms extended, hurled outward to any man,
At least stolen by chance; At last romance.

Of snakebites, stated minds,
Or nothing. The badger writes.
Science though he knows nothing of,
Only fighting and dénouemen love,
Fakery and the image source he knows,
Yet facts alas in the seeds he sews,
Spits on the dirt, who,
He walks upon with shoes.
August 28, 2018 11:03 am
13 lines, 73 words

Unfollowing the Dead

Social Insurance Warrior
This morning's protocols
Beginning pondering
What to do with people on the web.

Thus with a deep resolve
Maintaining promising
Again untrue
We will meet again

This time she has evolved
Now loving squandering
Dreams anew
Then dreaming to forget

Sometimes I can recall
Accepting sombering
Time wasted
In following a trend

This time he feels involved
Now loving squandering
Has a few
Then lives in the regret

You ever feel withdrawal
Oncoming vomiting
Bid adieu
To all of your old friends

I can't say I'm appalled
Forgetting honoring
Lives wasted
Unfollow them in death
August 23, 2018 11:54 am
33 lines, 95 words