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The thing that hurts the most.
You calmed my storms.
You helped make sense of the chaos.
You plucked me from brokenness.
Helped me find strength.

I don't know what it was.
But just looking in your eyes.
Filled my soul with peace.
I miss it.
I miss the quiet.
The calm.
I miss us.

I'm starting to feel broken again.
Empty inside.
Trying my best.
Not to let anyone see.

But there are days.
Where control escapes me.
Do you think of me?
As often as I think of you?
Do you remember my name?
What it once meant to you?

I look back on that day. March 10th.
Where I lost you.
Where every image I had of you.
Just shattered.
You were no longer a refuge.
You became a source of pain.
You still are to this day.

I blame myself for it.
For my losing you.
It's been three months. 
Realizing it's true.
I don't cry as much. Though my heart still does ache.
Try as I might; I can't bring myself to hate;
You. The situation. Us.

I want to throw it under the proverbial bus.
I can't. Because the sky still reminds me of you. It was our destiny. Our sky. The world was going to be ours. 
Accept it. It's over now. These dreams just won't come true. I need to accept that what we are. Is through.
August 14, 2018 3:50 am
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In a Time to Come

Someday I'll forget you, 
That day I'll be free from my thoughts, 
That day I'll accept that I don't have no one, 
That day I'll be happy being alone, 
It won't depress me. 

One day I found someone, 
Though I won't hope that it will happen, 
We never know what happen next, 
I just need myself ready for it. 

But for now, 
I wish you were doing well, 
I love you from the bottom of my heart, 
Even though you don't care about me, 
And I don't know if I exist in your life.
August 11, 2018 4:51 pm
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Cheap Flamethrowers

Nails filed to the end,
Sun setting in the distance,
I scratch and claw endless,
Failing to find a coin to spend,
Flailing to mind my business,
The new owner Olympus.

Perhaps I am but foil to him,
Poetically our lives akin.
Though he sees me boiling pans,
Loud as thunder in soiled pants,
Sent on my way out the door,
Rather than embarrassed again.
August 10, 2018 5:27 pm
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I'm Not Your 21st Century Boy Toy (I'm Just A Future Boi)

Social Insurance Warrior
Just getting laughs from the old guard now
Epitaph in town for an old sound
It's jokes, man
How much we fuck around
This place
This time
Joy that I have found
Do a flip
Throw a lock
Knock 'em down
July 30, 2018 11:53 pm
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My Birth In Graphic Detail

First there is clay
No meaning to a name
Strangers will pray
Friends prey on their loved ones

Some things will change
Some feelings can last days
Some people say
Sometimes it's the rainfall

Feet upon the asphalt
Back making friends
Now who gives their own heart?
Hatred instead
July 27, 2018 9:32 am
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Then strangers again vicious cycle never ends
You know I love you let's not pretend,
But where we are headed I've already been 
Rather jump ship then go through this again...
July 26, 2018 8:53 am
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It’s about a half past midnight 
The time I always get my brain thinking of you 
Actually i don’t know if I just get my head thinking of you 
or you get in my head for me to think of you 
Six years down this hard life there is not a day I haven’t done that 
Its routinal it has to happen 
I hate you for hating me that much 
I know we all drowned but we didn’t die 
The silence gets louder and I am forced to think you’re not part of me any more 
But is that real 
Are the vows broken that easily 
The bonds we built every other time our lips touched 
Are they shattered that easily 
I don’t hate that you found love again 
Actually I too tried to find some one 
Though it didn’t just work out 
But I hate the way you keep silent on me
Give a hi a day u don’t know how high that would lift me a day 
So if you loved me as u said u did some time
Can you please share a second of your time with me a day 
Just to be sure we wish merry for each other 
Though it didn’t work between us
July 22, 2018 10:04 pm
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I am not my Faults
I am not my Darkness
I am not my Fears
I am not my Chaos
I am not my downfall 
I am not my Failure
I am not my Regrets
I am not my Mistakes
I am not my Wrongs
I am not my storms
I am not my Difficult
I am not my Sins
I am not my Demons
I am definitely not my Past but I am "ME" and that's all I am,all I have,all is,all that will..."Me"

#Poetic Genetics
_Karabo R
July 15, 2018 3:03 pm
18 lines, 93 words


Go ahead laugh,smirk do or say what you are going to do..i wont and cant stop you..its ok and except that im the have proved yourself out as the you thought you were cool,walking around claiming to be the time you knew you bad me fooled,i already had the clue;you never or knew how to be true..but its all good cuz who am i to judge?iam able to at least except tbat i chose to be the fool..and to sit back in the crowd n enjoy the show;rather than wanting to be the ringleader and run the show..while you were in the streets claiming to be down and believing to be on the grind;im the"REAL WORLD" of reality you were doin what a ring leader does...marching around advertizing"the circus is in town"..but its ok in your own unrealistic world to believe in what you see and who you claim to im willing to settle with compromise instead of least have a lil respect to turn our backs to each other and walk away and live in our own realistic world..
July 15, 2018 11:52 am
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