2020-07-09 03:52 am
Tomorrow trailing, no erasers,
Maybe no stress can reach relief,
Papers, their lies and keys,
Power is in just eyes to see;
One hand hold, one hand to reach,
Narrow is escape, is this fate,
Or feeling?

Do arrows fly away, misguided,
Awry in their aerial affairs,
Fore bearer blameless in errand;
For barrels makeshift of nothing,
What is the price of a country?
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2020-07-02 03:19 am
Pier as far as the eyes can peer,
Towers tall, the flowers gone,
Pensioner, is this not your fear?
Who appears, speaks of appearances,
When death is near and cowers all?

Seer, as far as I can see,
Nobody writes, nobody listens,
Nobody lies but nobody stares.
Nobody rights are given to liars,
Who speak of bridges nobody cares.

Who appears, speaks of appearances,
When bridges fall to the pier?

Who maintains the system?
I can see names of victims,
Name of my liquor,
But no list of gunmen,
Lenders or kinsmen.
If one day they name a killer,
Who appears, speaks of appearances,
Circles all around the seriousness.
Waits for nobodies to leave,
Then steals, Who babbles incoherent?
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2020-06-20 08:44 am
Sloganeering memetic, 
Lowly speaker of rhetoric, 
Teach us a world hate filled. 
He speaks of the sieve:
'It seeks to strain and divide, 
It sees two ways and aligns,
Hands in bonds, eyes blind,
Invest your money wisely,
As do Gods on Friday.'
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2020-06-20 12:43 am
Where do we go now?
We are dense and diverse;
The moon sounds empty though.
We've any virus to deal with
The world has to meet cure;
The pandemic is bleeding
Emotions more than bodies;
The world has grown frail.

Next hand we witness racism;
Some foster it, some combat.
We're just killing time...
Forgetting Thou judgement:
Fire thorns or eternal drink,
We kick love and expect luck.

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2020-06-15 03:16 am
Do thickets see steeples,
or are people the thickets?
If writers are thick headed,
Writing of Peter Pans' pigs,
Who visits?

Bull, riches, seer, man,
Write a list upon my hand,
So that my plot, it thickens.
What is time spent living:
Divine or perspective driven?

Plate spinner, of your illusion,
Place your spins upon their back.
Bull, chickens, and feelings lack,
Who takes from hands of other hen?
Who take the hands of other hen,
Who take the land of wary men,
Who lost to men,
More suspicious then.
What is it all about:
Defense, or Pence,
To what extent do I extend,
What is strength?
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2020-06-11 05:50 am
The bar too low,
A life in limbo.
Civil man elicit,
Dance too rigid.
Cancer, victim, 
Lance too frigid.

Is life another rhyme?
Saved for another time,
or just a bunch of lies?

Head and shoulders,
Knees and hipbones.
But does god see soles,
Planted into the beach?
How does god see souls,
Managed funds and stealing?
While reaching into homes, to take his piece?
A plastic man, made for shelves,
Laughs filling his fantastic needs. 
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2020-06-08 05:39 am
No brittle bones, paid for sickness,
For where it goes is nonsense.
Undying, nobody throws spear immortal,
Even if the wind vied in cordial,
Simple wounds seal of licks and moans.
My immortal man made of sticks and stones,
Drowns in cordial, healed by cordial,
Acting cordial among the crude oil.
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2020-06-07 12:25 am
i see sunday mornings beyond my time.
does sunday still exist?

i see my history yawning out before me.
can corpses exist on both edges?

i see my mother.
can grief follow a child out of the womb?

time, death, and life roll the die to see which takes their turn first.
west and north argue over the sun while east and south clutch each other, wailing.

god's suicide passes through us
concentric circles of chaos
look, there is too much blood in the streets!
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2020-06-06 10:52 am
Diablo II,
Why make me wait for games?
My fate lament, give it away,
Give it away, give it away now.
Fleas of the carpet,
People of the parking lot,
Can you not?
Trying to make something,
They stand about, puffy,
Chests golden, coffers copper,
Rusted in their velour valor,
Failing to soil of fewer flowers.
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2020-06-04 02:07 am
Bones that manage to crack,
A love forever lacking,
What one cannot foresee comes again.
Losing fights that cannot be won,
outgunned, outlasted, nor outrun.
A foot forced to shrubs,
But what of the lungs?

Lonesome, handsome fighter,
What of your gloves?
What of your sums?
Poster person, spokesman,
What of you becomes?
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2020-06-04 12:25 am
The toad speaks, the mind sees,
The mouse squeaks of menses;
Too high to sleep, ego flying,
Does one write lines on sheets?
Scribble perfection, or deny?
Fights cannot be won, only survived.
Poet, please give me writing,
Forced to be, I need power to fight.
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2020-05-28 05:14 am
Why does the torrent travel?
Where is the lively forest?
Even the poorest trees flourish,
Their coins worthless,
Poinsettia, wide oceans.

For my set list chosen,
What does forum or castles have?
Gravel walls, gravel flooring,
People with their comfort lush,
Their lives worthless,
Political science, flyers,
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2020-05-27 03:00 am
Above all others is the twinkling.
Shine, said the twinkling,
Shine then shine again.
Time is time to them,
Above all others is this giant lens,
Like a just firmament, is the lens.
Squish, squish; it bends to man,
Threatened into inexistence. 
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2020-05-26 07:30 pm
The sun begins to set in the horizon
I muster up the courage to walk like royalty
With a few hours of rest, I think I am ready.
Heart beats fast, hands are sweaty
My brain feels like a time bomb.
How do you get ready when you're not ready at all?
Standing like a scarecrow
I'm the one getting scared
Why did you have to choose me?
I just want to curl up or even flee.
No one else seems to relate
I must survive this time.
As I leave, the moon begins its work.
That's it for today.
Tomorrow calls for another chance.
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2020-05-26 07:27 pm
Tell me how the sunset lightens your life
Does it glow in a way you like?
Tell me about the flowers you looked at
Did you pick every single one?
Tell me oh tell me about the time
When your heart grew sad and tired.
Do you let the feelings out?

This moon keeps the sparkle in me
It energizes my thoughts in every way.
Do you feel the same?
Tell me
Tell me about the moon.
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2020-05-20 05:58 am
I guess I could write again,
About life: All but writing.
Perhaps mine inspire biting,
Fists to the side inspiring.

A couple stands,
A couplet stanza,
My life is not simple music,
To play on verandas,
Nightstand or castle.
Rather it's a little shrew,
His mind on what is new:
"Is it food?"
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2020-05-14 11:54 am
Show me that night underneath the sky
when you pulled me close
but i am nothing but smoke in your hands. You are
my ghost—or am I yours?—
and we float away up to the sun.
There’s a shadow around the corner
and it haunts me.
I flee into your arms—
into you—
and the fire between us
chases it away. I don’t want to leave
but you can’t stay
and I ask you, please.
I’ll let you go forever
if you just stay tonight, here with me
and whisper in my ear
that you’ll never leave
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2020-05-14 08:21 am
I write of hands,
God replies back,
In comic sans.
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